And the best baklava in town award goes to…


Baklava is one of Lebanon’s most famous sweets. It comes in different tastes, shapes and fillings, but it is generally made of puff paste (pâte feuilletée), sugar syrup and fillings such as pistachio, almonds, pine nuts or cream.

There are hundreds of baklava shops across Lebanon, especially in Sidon, the Lebanese capital of baklava. Some shops have even built a great name for themselves and have become a must-visit for tourists, as well as for Lebanese who visit Sidon. The baklava they make is good but for me, it is not the best baklava you can eat in Lebanon.

I’ve always believed that the best things in life do not necessarily come in the most attractive packages – especially food. Sometimes the unseen shop just around the corner makes the most heavenly food you can taste in your life. This is exactly the case with baklava and the Al-Anwar shop in Sidon.

Al-Anwar is a baklava shop located in Saida District. It does not have the bling-bling sign, or the most refined interior, but it sure makes the best baklava in town. I am not a fan of baklava soaked in sugar syrup, it is too sweet and it loses its crunch few days in. That’s why, Al-Anwar baklava are just perfect. They are always fresh, crunchy and with just the right amount of sugar syrup – so they are a pure heaven to the palate.

Al-Anwar doesn’t make industrial quantities, so it only sells what they make for the day and then closes when everything has been sold (which happens invariably every day).

So next time you’re in Sidon, make it a point to visit early and take some baklava with you, because it is unlike any other baklava you may have tasted in your life.