Chateau Qanafar: love at first sip


I got first acquainted with Chateau Qanafar over three years ago, during a celebratory dinner at The Four Seasons’ Grill Room restaurant. Knowing how much we love Lebanese wines, the staff back then suggested we try Chateau Qanafar red wine and it has been a love journey ever since.

Chateau Qanafar is one of those boutique wineries that opened up a little over 10 years ago in Lebanon. It is located in the Bekaa and cultivates its own vineyards, to be able to always control the quality of their wines. Their red wine is a joy to the palate and ages beautifully with time. Their high-end wine, Chateau Qanafar, is an absolute delight, especially if you like full-bodied wines that age with earthy aromas and flavors.

Few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of tasting their white wine at a dinner. My husband, who doesn’t usually drink white wine, went straight to the next day and bought a box of Blanc de Qanafar. Their white wine, made entirely of Sauvignon Blanc grapes is just perfect with a mix of oaky aromas and fruity flavors.

Knowing how much we love their wine, we decided to pay a visit to the winery. Let me tell you it’s a bumpy road all the way there, literally ☺. We off-roaded for a bit before getting to the winery, but then there it was, still being built, but with a great vision ahead. We were met by Eddy, the winemaker and partner, who gives you the story with no marketing stunts; his passion, challenges, mistakes and future projects. He knows his wine is natural, straightforward, elegant and just perfect within its little imperfections, which makes it the tasteful wine it is. Of course, you also get to taste their exceptional wines, and get your favorite bottles straight from the winery.

I cannot tell you how proud I feel every time I meet a winemaker, who is striving to make great wine, despite all the challenges faced in Lebanon. Chateau Qanafar is a truly exceptional wine that you will enjoy no matter what the occasion is. It is worth tasting, drinking, keeping and sharing, because it will make your moments better, on every occasion.