The vegetables you should always have in your fridge


If you have been reading my blog for a while, you may know by now that I have a weak spot for salads and everything green. If you open my fridge, there are always enough ingredients to make a succulent salad, even if it won’t be creative all the time.

The things that you should always have in your fridge are split into 2 categories;

  • Tomatoes, cucumbers and red bell pepper: they usually last for a while before they become inedible. Wash them, then store the tomatoes and bell pepper in the veggies compartment, and the cucumbers in a Tupperware inside a kitchen tissue. Cucumbers tend to get moist in the fridge, so they will last longer if you keep them in a damp tissue.
  • Greens: the key to storing greens in the fridge is not to wash them until you want to consume them, that’s how they actually last in the fridge. Roll them in a newspaper spread or a kitchen towel, to protect them from the fridge moist. Among the greens, there are some that generally last longer than others, so they’re safer to keep and use whenever you want to make a salad. Those include lettuce, iceberg, cabbage and mint. Other greens like arugula, lamb’s lettuce or baby spinach are more delicate and last less longer. So it’s best to get them maximum one or two days before you plan on using them.

Believe me, if you have any 2-3 of those ingredients in your fridge at anytime, you’re all set to make a great salad to which you can add some proteins like lupine beans, turkey or turkey bacon, cheese, tuna or grilled chicken strips. So load that fridge up and help yourself to some delicious salads every now and then!