Dear restaurants: for the love of good food, less creativity, more taste


This blog post has been on my mind for some time, but I didn’t quite know how to express what I wanted to say in a proper way. I’m still not sure I can, but it is very important that I get it out of my system :).

I have been very disappointed by my overall restaurants experience lately. There is no specific restaurant I am talking about and I am in no way reviewing any, but I would like to address restaurants in general, especially those new places that scream modernism in every aspect from décor to comfort, service and especially the food. You get the menu and just marvel at the names of the dishes and what is supposed to be inside them. But then you get to the tasting part and that’s where the whole disappointment is. I’m a big, big fan of balancing food and selecting ingredients in their right dose for the entire dish to have a harmonious taste. And this is what these new restaurants, probably in their “nouvelle cuisine” concepts, are missing. You see, when I want to eat chicken fajitas, I want to taste the chicken at some point and not be overwhelmed with the spices. When I want to have a guacamole entrée, I want my avocado to be fresh and to taste good, rather than be drowned in tomatoes and whatever other ingredients are in there. When I want to eat a salad, I need to recognize every ingredient through its texture, taste and more importantly, through how well it goes with other ingredients.

Sadly, it seems to me that restaurants are recreating picture-perfect dishes that look great on Instagram and visually seduce younger generations, but with no real taste that follows the dish’s presentation. I go to a place knowing in advance what to order because I’ve seen the pictures, and I can assure you that most of the time, the taste is bland, deceiving or simply imbalanced. I wish the chefs would simply ease it down on the creativity and focus on the taste instead by simplifying their recipes and valuing good, harmonious ingredients that go well together.


Photo by Katie Smith on Unsplash