Kaak Zaman: best off-the-shelf kaak you can have!


I have been a raving fan of Kaak Zaman ever since I discovered this brand a couple of years ago. My friend (who is a foodie just like me), brought me few boxes and insisted I tried them, and it was a love story ever since.

Every Kaak Zaman product is oat-based. They make sweet and savory kaak that are out of this world.

Their savory kaak range from oat crackers with thyme, to oat crackers with thyme & black olives, and multi-cereal kaak with chia seeds.

Their sweet kaak selection is equally interesting, with carob molasses oat-based kaak, orange kaak, dark chocolate kaak and dates paste kaak. While the sweet ones can be enjoyed as a morning or an afternoon snack, their savory ones are perfect for a light breakfast with Labneh or white cheese and cucumbers.

What I love about this brand – other than the taste, obviously – is that every time I check the ingredients, there is no mention of sugar whatsoever. In fact, they keep repeating on their labels that their products are free from eggs, sugar, ghee, butter, milk and any preservatives. With the exception of their dark chocolate cookies, where they mention a 2% sugar, every other product is extremely healthy and incredibly delicious!

Generally, you can find them in a lot of supermarkets, but I am adding here their phone number in case you wish to get in contact: 03614260.