fait Maison: changing the concept of bread freshness


Before I start writing about fait Maison and how good their bread is, I would like to clarify a misconception I’ve had about frozen food until recently.

I’ve always thought that frozen food is… frozen which was, to me, the very opposite of fresh food. Accordingly, I always preferred buying shelf food, thinking it was fresher and healthier than frozen food. But then I started noticing how my mother freezes peas, mloukhieh and other seasonal foods and then uses them in stews during winter. So I did my research and it turned out that the way frozen food is preserved is simply by being frozen, so no additives are added in the preservation process, unlike shelf food, which almost invariably has additives and preservatives that make its life longer. The farther the expiry date, the more preservatives are used in the food. And because the only thing that makes frozen food last is the freezing process, frozen food must be cooked and consumed once it thaws or else it won’t last.

So, now that I clarified this very important point :), I can talk more easily about fait Maison and their bread.

fait Maison is a Lebanese brand of frozen bread. I got first acquainted with it through a training I was giving, where I met their sales manager. One day, he brought us freshly baked bread and croissants to the training and that’s where it all started for me. The croissants are amazing – fresh, crisp, fluffy and with the right dosage of everything. The bread is full, with a beautiful crust that you bake to your liking and it actually tastes like a fresh French baguette!

After that, my husband and I got used to ordering our bread online and baking it minutes before eating it, so imagine how the overall experience with bread has changed for us. I even get multi-cereal toast for my daughter that she eats every night for dinner with Labneh or zaatar.

Now that the holiday season is nearing, and the weather is getting colder J, it is the perfect time to warm up with cheese and wine nights. Get your bread from fait Maison and bake is just before enjoying it with your guests – believe me, it is going to be a much more enjoyable experience. Cheers!