The 8 cheeses that will complement your cheese and wine nights


I have been invited to countless cheese and wine gatherings in my life. Every time, it’s the same cheese variety that’s proposed by the host; Brie, Camembert, Chèvre, Rambol aux noix, Caprice des Dieux and Boursin à l’ail.

While this display is a good cheese and wine contender, it remains standard and the flavors tend to get boring. Here is a list of cheeses that are an absolute delight and that would really add a kick to your cheese and wine evenings:

  • Saint Albray: it’s a cow cheese that looks and tastes a lot like Camembert, but is softer and milder. It’s a real treat to enjoy every now and then.

  • Comté: it’s a cow cheese that’s dry and has notes of sweetness. If you like strong flavors, Comté is a must on your list.

  • Beaufort: It’s a cow cheese that’s creamy, but not as much as Camembert or Brie. It resembles Gruyère or even Comté cheese, but it has a more raw taste about it that makes it an oh-so-delicious addition to your cheese variety.

  • Tomme de Savoie: this is one of my favorites. It’s a cow cheese that is similar to Camembert in its texture, but is actually lighter.

  • Reblochon: it’s a cow cheese that is soft, creamy and just melts in your mouth. Be sure to taste it in small portions as it has quite a strong taste and a long-lasting aftertaste.

  • Manchego: Manchego is a Spanish cheese made of sheep milk. It’s a little dry and oily, with a slight sharpness that leaves a quite enjoyable aftertaste.

  • P’tit Basque: this is an epic sheep cheese that is just out of this world. It usually goes perfectly well with semi-sweet white wine, but you can still enjoy it in your regular cheese and red wine gatherings.

  • Chamois: it’s a creamy cow cheese that looks like Brie, but is firmer and has a more subtle taste.

Voila! I hope you enjoy my selection – feel free to suggest more cheeses you’ve tried and thought were delightful.