Going back to homemade everything (or almost)


Spoiler alert: this is not an influencer picture. Meaning this is not a picture aimed at showing you how perfect my life with my kids has been during this confinement. Because it is not.

The only reason this picture looks almost perfect is because we took it to send it to Lynn’s teacher, and it is exactly the same reason we made strawberry jam in the first place.

We got an assignment to make strawberry jam as part of “Fruity Friday”. So we got a strawberry pack, washed the strawberries, cut them, and added half a cup of brown sugar and a dash of lemon juice. We stirred at low heat until the sugar was completely dissolved then brought the heat up to let it boil for 10 minutes.

I am not teaching you anything new, you probably know how to make jam much better than I do. But I want to talk about two main things. First, the use of unrefined brown sugar is healthier than using white sugar – and you would need a lesser quantity to have the same level of sweetness.

Second, while cooking jam is not my specialty, tasting it obviously is 🙂 and let me tell you this is the best jam I have had in my life. Was it because it was homemade? Maybe. Was it because of the ingredients? Could be. Was it a combination of everything we did? Definitely.

But it led me to thinking that the cost and time it took to make this wonderful, healthy treat is so much better than to buy it from the supermarket. Add to it the satisfaction of making your own food from scratch and you have just the perfect recipe you will spend an hour one afternoon to make.

So here we are, in confinement and in a deep-rooted economic crisis where every cent, but also every second matter. Can we make use of this situation by trying, realistically and to some extent, to produce our own food? To some extent, why not…