Mitsu-ya: for a different sushi experience


Most sushi places in Lebanon offer a standard selection, where variety is based on how creative the mix of ingredients can get. It’s like sushi has been adapted to the taste of the local market, and very few places propose groundbreaking sushi experiences to customers, or at least some elements of surprise on a “safe” menu.

Generally, what we got accustomed to in terms of Japanese food is not bad, as long as the ingredients are fresh and smartly mixed together. I have had few favorite sushi places that I always recommend whenever asked, until I tried Mitsu-ya.

Mind you, I am not going to review the restaurant. But I’d very much like to talk about the concept. First, it is the only sushi place in Lebanon that’s owned and operated by a Japanese chef. When I called to reserve, the host asked me if we would like to be seated at a table or at the bar, then explained that the bar is like the chef’s VIP table; you’re not allowed to order anything there, you’re served what the chef would like you to eat. I naturally selected the bar for all what came to mind in terms of experiences, and I wasn’t disappointed.

To be honest, I cannot list everything we tasted, but I can tell you that there were some real delicacies in there. The chef tells you what to eat with soy sauce and what to eat as is. The scallops were a hit as so was the seared tuna.

The little rice and salmon roe bowl was out of this world and the finale, which was made of beef maki served with foie gras, mushrooms and carrots, was the cherry on top.

If you want to try their desserts, I highly recommend the black sesame ice cream. We also tried the green tea fondant because it was something new, but it was a little bit too sweet for my taste.

The chef served us a glass of sake with yuzu juice as a digestive. Make it a point to have that if it’s not proposed.

If you’re looking to have a new sushi experience and get out of what you have been accustomed to, Mitsu-ya is your go-to place.

Enjoy and let me know how it was!