Holy Smoke: best pork ribs in Lebanon!


I just love it when I taste something for the first time with no expectations whatsoever, and I get blown away by how good it tastes.

This is exactly what happened to me at the Christmas in Action exhibition. My husband had a booth there for his company and his neighbor turned out to be an old friend who was selling smoked pork ribs. He had a huge smoking station where the ribs were slowly roasting. He would open the lid every now and then and drizzle barbecue sauce on the ribs. Apart from this being an impressive show, the smell that filled the air was incredible! So naturally when I got hungry, I ordered a smoked rib sandwich to finally discover what it tasted like.

The guy toasted bread, added coleslaw and chopped ribs and handed me the sandwich. As simple as that. I cannot begin to express how good it tasted. The ribs were tender, juicy and had a double smoky taste from the cooking and the barbecue sauce. The coleslaw added a dash of crunch and sweetness – pretty much all what was needed to enjoy this masterpiece.

I asked Jack, the owner about where to find this delicacy, thinking he would have a restaurant somewhere we can go to. It turned out he has no restaurant and only caters to private events and participates occasionally in exhibitions. So, my dear readers, you will have to wait until the next exhibition, or give Jack a ring whenever you’re hosting a private event. But believe me, if it’s the latter, it will be the best thing you can serve to your guests, because whatever he smokes is hands down out of this world.