Hungry? Try eating markouk bread, black olives and a tomato salad


I love to keep food traditions alive, especially foods we used to eat when we were kids, because on top of the taste, they bring back great childhood memories.

I wasn’t much of an eater when I was a kid, so my mother and aunts had to get very creative with me just so I’d eat something. I used to like (and I still do) acidic and salty tastes, so anything involving those flavours was always welcome.

And so once they had the brilliant idea of making me eat something they particularly like: black olives with tomatoes. But instead of just cutting the tomato, my aunt diced it and mixed it with salt, pepper and olive oil. She then brought markouk bread and black olives, and told me to taste the whole mix. So I’d remove the olive pit, roll the bread around the olive and dip it in the tomato salad. You cannot imagine how rich in flavours this whole mix is… The black olives bring earthiness, the tomatoes bring their usual sweetness and acidity and the salt, pepper and olive oil mix with the tomato juice to add sharpness and to perfect the flavours.

Next time you’re hungry and looking for a quick fix, try this incredible combination. I’m sure your taste buds will relish as it will easily become one of your favourite mixes.