Domaine De Baal: the elegance of wine


I am known as a wine lover in my circle. A lot of people ask me about my opinion on wines, not because I’m an expert, but because I can generally tell great wine from good wine from bad wine. And it seems I also have good taste when it comes to wine, so whenever there is a wine I like, odds are people will like it too.


I have tried countless wines in my life. Some I can’t even remember the name of. But I always make it a point to remember particularly well Lebanese wines, because I like to encourage and promote Lebanese winemakers.

Lebanese wines are generally good because the soil and weather are very favorable to getting a good quality, and more and more boutique wineries are opening and producing quality wine that can easily compete on the international scene.

One Lebanese wine I like in particular is Domaine De Baal. It is hands down my favorite. Wine is a very personal experience. You may like a specific wine one day and like it less another time, depending on your mood, what you’re drinking it with, how you’re feeling on that specific occasion, etc. With Domaine De Baal, I never had this issue. I have always felt exactly the same every time I drank it, and that to me, is unparalleled. It’s an elegant wine that’s not heavy on the palate. It goes down smoothly and will leave your palate moist with hints of spices and discrete aromas of red fruits.

To me, there is an important difference between liking a wine and enjoying one. When you like a wine, you refer mostly to its body, taste and aromas. You may like the first sip of it, or even the first glass, but then as you drink more you may find your palate to get dry, or the aftertaste not to be so elegant. When you enjoy a wine, it means you like it as much after the last sip as you did when you first tasted it. It means that it flows elegantly without harming its way through, so you are left with an enjoyable experience all the way. This is exactly what I love about Domaine De Baal so much. Drinking Domaine De Baal is a beautiful journey, every single time.

Featured photo credited to Greg Demarque.