209 Lebanese Wine and why you should buy your wine there


This is not a promotional post about 209 Lebanese Wine. I believe the platform was successfully launched a while ago and everyone talked about it back then. But since its launch, it has become our go-to wine store for all the Lebanese wines we are drinking.

I will not talk about the features of the platform or its ease of use; instead, I will talk about the membership program they have and why I believe it is brilliant.

On 209lebanesewine.com you can select to have a membership over 3 months or over 6 months. The membership has 2 levels; purple as the basic membership and velvet as the advanced one. The fees vary depending on the membership level you choose. It starts at 75$ for 3 months and goes up to 300$ for a membership of 6 months. For the amount you pay, you get a selection of wine bottles per month that is chosen by 209 Lebanese Wine and sent to you.

Why am I talking about all of this? Because it is thanks to this membership and to the monthly bottles sent to us by the site that we were able to discover Lebanese wines we would not have found out about otherwise, like Batroun Mountains, Vertical 33, Chateau Bybline, Aurora and many others. These wines are either unavailable in supermarkets, or simply not on our list of favorite wines. When you get used to some wines, you are tempted to get them every time and not give a chance to other, unknown wines. With our membership on 209lebanesewine.com we have discovered new Lebanese wines that are delightful and totally worth shedding the light on. One of them was for instance the Batroun Mountains – Riesling white wine that was sent to us a couple of months ago and that was featured on my list of favorite Lebanese white wines (you can read about it here: http://mytastebuds.me.s140763.gridserver.com/2017/06/the-lebanese-white-wines-to-enjoy-this-summer/). Before it was sent to us, I had never heard of it and without 209lebanesewine.com, I would not have had the chance to taste it and enjoy it the way I did.

I highly recommend you subscribe to the site and select a monthly membership, because you will be surprised by and enjoying new Lebanese wines you’ve probably never heard of before.