While the big guys are fighting, one small roastery is making the best nuts in town


I am amused by the recent “fight” that some roasteries started against each other and how fans of each are defending them. I can understand how it is important for them to maintain their positioning in the market and be perceived as having the best services (and nuts) in Lebanon.

Of course, I didn’t introduce this blog post like that to criticize what is being done. But while these big brands are focusing on showcasing who does things better, there is a small roastery that is truly focusing on making the best nuts you’ll probably ever taste in Lebanon, without any bling-bling marketing around.

If you happen to be driving in Broummana towards Printania Hotel around 10 in the morning, you’ll get a whiff of freshly roasted nuts that will be the highlight of your day. And you’ll know you just passed right next to P. Nut House, the roastery that makes the best nuts I’ve ever tasted in my life.

P. Nut House is a small roastery that has been around for a few years. It does zero communication efforts, yet is crammed with customers anytime you walk in there. The nuts it roasts and sells are incredible; always fresh, crunchy, with just the right amount of salt and with an unparalleled quality. I can explain exactly how each type of nuts looks like and tastes, but it is more interesting that you pay them a visit and discover what I am talking about. And when you do, you must by all means get a pack of cri-cri (the nuts that seem to be everyone’s favorites), because you’ll never savor anything that looks or tastes like they do in your life.

P. Nut House is yet another small place just around the corner, selling exquisite nuts that do not need any marketing stunts, and that are an absolute delight to your occasions and taste buds alike.