Meia.Dúzia & Alexandros: whimsical flavors and packages


I’ve been wanting to write about Meia.Dúzia & Alexandros ever since I stepped foot in that shop, but I wasn’t a blogger back then :). Meia.Dúzia & Alexandros is a small chocolate shop located in Beirut Souks. It sells two brands of chocolate; Meia.Dúzia, the famous Portuguese brand of chocolate, jams, honeys and teas inspired by the world of painting, whose products actually come in tubes of oil paint! The second brand, Alexandros is a Greek brand of fine handmade chocolate with so many whimsical flavors that it’s a pure, enchanting pleasure to your palate and taste buds.

I had the pleasure of paying them another visit last week and take time to discover every single one of their products.

Starting with Meia.Dúzia, I got to taste the chocolate pastes that you playfully squeeze out of the tube. Each one is totally unique thanks to the unusual flavors mixed with it; strawberry and chili, blackberry, hazelnut and nutmeg, passion fruit, etc. Then we moved to the honey, served in the same way but with its own kick; orange blossom honey with chili, honey with ginger, eucalyptus honey with pear, etc. The grand finale was for the jams that I totally fell in love with. Imagine tasting pineapple jam with lemongrass, or blackberry jam with lavender, or pear jam with vanilla. Every combination I was trying left me imagining how I can use it with food; drops of orange blossom and chili honey on roasted chicken, pineapple jam on charcuterie, or blackberry jam on a medium rare steak… They actually have a book in store that teaches you how to use each product with food!

Then it was time to have some chocolate chunks from Alexandros; I only had dark chocolate because I usually don’t eat anything else. So I tried their rusk & rosemary chocolate, their strawberry and rose pepper chocolate, their chocolate with ginger, their chocolate with masticha, and the list goes on. What I love about these chocolates is that every ingredient used really stands out and perfectly complements the earthiness of the chocolate.

Meia.Dúzia & Alexandros is a small shop with a big potential. Make it a point to visit it when you’re in Beirut Souks and feast your eyes and taste buds on a unique décor and enchanting flavors!