4 things you should never pair with cucumber


I’m a cucumber freak. I generally love vegetables, but cucumbers have a special place in my heart… and in my fridge. It’s a great ingredient to add to salads because it brings crunchiness, sweetness and juiciness to the salad. It goes with almost any other ingredient, but sometimes, it is added to ingredients that are just wrong and are ruined completely by being mixed with cucumber. Here is my list of foods to never pair with cucumbers:

  • Chicken: I don’t know why people insist on adding cucumbers to a salad they’re eating with chicken but that’s just wrong, unless their taste buds are numb and they can’t taste how bad the mix is. If you want to add something crunchy in your salad, I suggest you choose red bell pepper as it goes perfectly well with chicken.

  • Canned tuna: there are only a few foods that go well with tuna and cucumber is not one of them. The mix has a fishy taste that is not good. Pickled cucumbers however, or cornichons are great with tuna because they add acidity and crunchiness.

  • Mayonnaise: I know mayonnaise is a condiment rather than basic food, but when you want to add it to a salad or any other type of dishes, don’t add cucumbers to the same dish. The aftertaste left by cucumbers and mayonnaise is really bad.

  • Eggs: eggs are a tricky food because they do smell a lot of times, even if nothing is added to the dish. Generally, not a lot of fresh vegetables go well with eggs, especially cucumbers. If you want to add an extra fresh taste with some crunchiness, the best combination is green onions or leeks.