My infallible tip to refresh a leftover salad


There is nothing I hate more than throwing food away. It just drives me nuts the amount of food we discard every day, especially when the reason is simply because we get bored of eating what’s in our fridge, or because we do not eat leftovers.

I always make sure to store in the freezer all the food we are not going to be eating in the near future, preserving it and making sure it doesn’t go to waste. This is not as obvious with salad that simply cannot be frozen because freezing fresh vegetables (like lettuce, cucumbers or tomatoes) ruins them and makes them inedible.

But I also understand that a leftover salad is the least appealing thing to eat the next day, especially when it’s mixed with the dressing, because the vegetables lose their crunch and color and most of the time become mushy. But that doesn’t mean that I’m willing to throw it away, so I found the perfect way to refresh leftover salads and make them almost as fresh as when first prepared.

My tip for this is to add one or two fresh elements to that leftover salad. If your salad initially had lettuce leaves or cucumbers, I suggest you add few fresh leaves of lettuce or chop a fresh cucumber over it and the trick is done! Don’t ask me why that works; I know nothing scientific about it but I know that adding a fresh ingredient changes the texture of your salad and brings it back to life :).


Featured photo credited to Raphael Nogueira.