I took a trip down memory lane last night…


I haven’t blogged for the past two years. The main reason was that I got pregnant so I could not smell food, then I delivered twins so I had no time to think about food.

Then time passed by and I started thinking that maybe people were no longer interested in traditional blogs, so I quit the idea altogether.

But then last night I decided to go back and read my blog posts. I don’t know why I did this, maybe because I had earlier asked my husband to take down my blog and he showed me that it’s still getting visits until today, then advised me to keep it just in case.

While checking the different blog posts, I also started reading some of the comments I kept receiving. And it all made me realize why I started blogging in the first place.

You see, most bloggers quit because people stopped reading. But I did not originally start blogging to be read – that’s the side effect only. I started this blog because I love writing and I love food, and it was a great way for me to combine my two passions.

I know it is harder today to keep writing about food – most restaurants are closed or on the way to close. We are living through the most difficult times in Lebanon and maybe it is not the right timing. But when is it ever?

I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep a regular pace of writing. I don’t know if I can still find interesting topics to share with you. But I have always made it a point to shed the light on Lebanese jewels, whether small shops making authentic food, or small brands that are making a difference, or simply great food combinations found in Lebanon.

So here I am, a little nervous about trying to resume all of this, but determined to give it a shot. And I have each and every person who ever read my blog or sent me a mail or commented on one of my posts to thank. I even have a student who gifted me this cutting board a while back in the hope that I would resume writing (thanks Georges! :)).

I am all in. Will you be here along the journey?