Abou AlHasan: making amazing lokum since 1882


Lokum, or ra7a in Lebanese, is a traditional Turkish delight that we inherited and make in Lebanon as well. It is based on starch and sugar, with aromas like musk and rose water. The Lebanese version is mostly eaten with plain biscuits, where you add a layer of lokum inside 2 layers of biscuits.

A combination of COVID-19 confinement and economic crisis has led me to go back to the roots and focus more on Lebanese products, especially products with a longer shelf life. It had been a long time since we ate biscuits and ra7a and home, so bringing this back was a real delight for the entire family.

However, it was a struggle to find good lokum, that would not harden the minute you’d open the box. Most brands I bought had a thick layer of caster sugar on top, added to preserve the lokum, but also making it impossible to enjoy them after a while because they become too hard few days in.

Then one day I saw boxes of Abou AlHasan in one of the supermarkets, so I decided to give it a try. Their lokum have barely any sugar on top, which makes them just perfect in terms of taste. They’re still sugary, but without the extra coating that almost give you heartburn. They are soft and remain so even after few days from opening the box. And their taste is really, really good! Of course, if you want to give them a try à la libanaise, you will have to eat them with Gandour 555 biscuits, just like it has always been eaten in Lebanon.

I am adding a picture of the box here so you’d know what it looks like anytime you’re looking to buy this product. Cheers!