plnty: Incredible Lebanese homemade fresh pasta


With the soaring prices of everything imported in Lebanon, especially in the F&B segment, the search for not-so-hidden Lebanese gems has become a must. I know that we live in times where a lot of people are barely surviving, but so are small businesses that are still trying to make it despite it all, and that desperately need our help. When we help a small business, we are keeping a shop open, a person still employed, or a family fed.

It reaches an even higher level of commitment when that business makes incredible food and must be, by all means supported. And this is where I want to shed the light on plnty, a Lebanese love-brand of homemade, fresh pasta that is solely made of flour and free-range eggs. No preservatives, no chemicals and probably a lot of love are added to the mix of the most tasteful pasta I’ve had.

It cooks in just 3 minutes but since it is made from fresh eggs, you will need to let it cool down before you serve it or mix it with sauce. It goes perfectly well with any of the regular pasta sauces and has an incredible texture that just makes it melt in your mouth.

So people, forget your Barilla, Panzani and other imported industrial brands and go get yourselves a pack of plnty pasta – I’m sure once you’ve tried it, it will become a regular item in your pantry.

You can find the points of sale on their website: