I grew up in a Lebanese family that always dealt with food in an unusual way. If my mother went to the grocery store, she would buy fresh parsley and mint because “they looked good”, not because she needed them. Whenever I went with her, she always taught me to smell vegetables and explained that I would recognize good vegetables from their smell before I had to taste them.

As I grew older, I became the food taster of the family. I was the one to test if the Tabbouleh needed more salt, if the hummus was well balanced, if the salad dressing had the right acidity or if the overall taste of any dish was good enough.

I love eating, but more importantly, I love tasting food. I rarely cook but when I do, the outcome is really good. I do not pretend to know the science of food, but I do know I have great taste buds. When I say something tastes good, it does.

I will not be reviewing restaurants in my blog, nor will I be writing complex recipes. Instead, I will tell you where to go to eat the best food, or suggest advice that you can use in your food preparations, or even give you some recipes for quick and delicious fixes. To me, great food is not found in fancy places. It is found in places that use fresh, balanced ingredients prepared with love.

Welcome to my blog; it’s a space for mutual sharing and discovery that I hope you will benefit from and enrich with new ideas and experiences, every day.


Céline Chami