The best anise cookies you’ll ever taste are found at a bakery in a small village called Roum


My husband is originally from a small town in Jezzine called Haitoura. It’s a charming village that gets alive and buzzing with people in summer, and that we visit almost every weekend during the warm season.

It’s a 40-minute drive from Saida and the road is very easy to follow; we pass by beautiful little villages on the way there, all of them in the Jezzine region.

One day, as we were going there for the weekend, we stopped at a small bakery in a town called Roum. At the time, we barely noticed its name and just wanted something to eat. It had plastic boxes on display, some with anise cookies and others with orange cookies. We got ourselves one box of each and being hungry, opened them right away, only to discover an incredible taste and by far, the best anise cookies I’ve ever had in my entire life! The dough is fresh, crunchy and baked to perfection. The anise seeds are generously used and whatever sugar used, if any, is barely noticeable.

As for the orange cookies, it was the first time I’ve had them since it is not a food tradition in my native town Joun, but they are a pure delight! I wish I can better convey with words how good they taste, but my advice is you take a trip to that bakery and give them, along with the anise cookies a try. The bakery is called Furn Antoun; I’ve made it a point to remember its name for the sake of this post :). It is located to the right on your way to Jezzine, right after the town’s roundabout and next to a gas station.

Lately, it is becoming difficult to find these cookies anytime you pass by; when I inquired about the reason, I was told that the lady who prepares them is working a lot, so she barely has time to bake any, but that she makes as much as she can on Wednesday. So if you can go on a road trip during the week, you have higher chances of finding these amazing cookies at the bakery. Trust me, they are totally worth your time and that trip you will be taking!